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 With our long international experience in healthcare informatics and medical imaging and participation in many international committees for healthcare informatics standards, we established HealthGate HIT as a company specialized for healthcare informatics with its innovated solutions and having international partners on board providing a complete portfolio of healthcare informatics solutions that makes us the right choice for any healthcare service provider regardless of its type or size to provide top-of the line specialized technology that automates all the services in any medical institute with the most optimized business model either on premises or via HealthGate Cloud.

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We are providing full range of Healthcare IT Solutions that solve mostly all of the challenges in any Healthcare institute using our innovative SMART HOSPITAL© and HealthGate Cloud© Solutions in addition to a wide range of well-known international applications provided by our European and US partners who are leaders in the healthcare informatics industry.

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HealthGate Healthcare IT Co.


 Leaders of Healthcare Informatics in the Middle East region. Based in Jordan, with its branches and distributers in other countries; we are dedicated in providing full portfolio of Healthcare IT solutions for hospitals, clinics and any type or size of medical centers and health service provider to leverage their digital environment by using one of our innovated solutions: SMART HOSPITAL Solution©, SMART HEALTH Solution© or HealthGate Cloud Solution© that are applying the latest international healthcare informatics technology either on premises or on cloud solution. Our solutions are aiming for automating the workflow inside all departments in the hospital or healthcare institute to be fully PAPERLESS, SMART and DIGITAL workflow.