HealthGate Cloud© is a Cloud-based Healthcare IT Solution for private health service  providers (PHSP), which offers full solution for Electronic Health Record (EHR) services and sharing between different health service providers and many more related services through a special solution that  adopts the latest international standards in the healthcare IT field.
Based on Pay-Per-Patient (PPP)© business model (HITaaS).
• Solution includes: ”HealthGate Cloud” EHR solution as the cloud EMR, Patient Billing, Medical Insurance, Pharmacy and Drugs IS, Lab IS, Patient Portal, Medical Insurance Portal, and integrated with Sectra PACS (Sweden) for radiology centers who are subscribers in this cloud.
Targeted Customers: Private Clinics (All kind of clinics), Medical centers, Hospitals, Laboratories, Radiology centers, Pharmacies.
Our customers can benefit from many additional free services as they use our solution to generate more income such as:
Patient Portal: provide access for their patients to :
Access their medical record any time from their smart devices.
Search for the nearest physician based on search criteria such as: Illness symptoms, location, insurance coverage, physician ranking, …
Medical Insurance Module: Automates all pre-approvals and claim management workflow with medical insurance companies.
Across Clinics Referral Module: Enables the referring cooperation between different clinics and medical centers.


Departmental Solutions

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HealthGate Innovated Solutions:

 HealthGate HIT Co. is dedicated in providing full portfolio of Healthcare IT solutions for hospitals, clinics and any type or size of medical centers and health service provider to leverage their digital environment by using one of our innovated solutions: SMART HEALTH Solution©, SMART HOSPITAL© Solution or HealthGate Cloud© Solution that are applying the latest international informatics technology either on premises or on cloud solution. Our solutions are aiming for automating the workflow inside all departments in the hospital or healthcare institute to be fully PAPERLESS, SMART and DIGITAL workflow.


 We are providing our solutions for any health service provider either with "on premises" approach or CLOUD based solution as Pay-Per-Patient model in order to enable all  providers to provide their services fully DIGITAL, SMART and PAPERLESS with the most optimized money investment.